Biography and Fine Art Techniques

The artist, Willy Maurer, was born and lives in Switzerland.

He shows a great interest in drawing and photo-graphy since his childhood and is an active painter since many years.

He likes to paint subjects as different as landscapes, portraits and still live and uses watercolor, gouache and pastel either alone or in combination.


Each painting begins with a drawing, a value sketch, which allows to determine the tones: dark, middle and light areas, which will appear in the final painting.

The sketch pad is the essential companion of the painter and goes with him everywhere.

Example of a sketch made in Evian (lake of Geneva) in August 2006 (see landscape 21)












The artist likes to work with the 3 primary colors, yellow, blue and red, which in mixture give beautiful secondary colors, orange, green and violet, which after a new combination give tertiary colors, etc.













Willy Maurer learned painting by attending the courses of:

Tony Couch in USA

Sibylle Schneider in Basle

Michel Lutz in Basle

Gérard Lebesnerais in Geneva



Café Schweizerhaus, Riehen, 1999

Gewerbeausstellung, Riehen, 2000

Papeterie Wetzel, Riehen, 2001-2002

Riehener Laienkuenstler, Gemeindehaus, Riehen, 2004

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